MAGIQ Software is central to many of the services CorpMem offers. More than 20 years experience in records management and information technology made deciding on the MAGIQ Documents Suite an easy choice.


…Because MAGIQ Documents does everything you’d expect an enterprise eDRMS to do and does it in a way that is simple to implement and intuitive to understand. It is web based and positioned to be hosted in the cloud now.

In our experience the MAGIQ Documents web services API makes it the simplest eDRMS to integrate with your core business systems. In fact, if your organisation doesn’t have the need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on expensive corporate information systems, then with just a little out of the box thinking, MAGIQ Documents can do a lot of what you have your core systems do now.

The MAGIQ Documents Suite provides the tools that best allow CorpMem to offer services that easily satisfy your information management and record keeping requirements.

For a full overview of what the MAGIQ Documents Suite offers, take a tour of their website or contact us to organise an onsite demonstration.